Promotional Videos

Our personnel is proficient in creating corporate and product videos, gathering customer testimonials, producing web marketing commercials and TV advertising.

We have created numerous special occasion and social gathering videos in addition to educational and instructional productions.

We can definitely tailor your production, however here are some typical arrangements for staffing. In a one-man band, a single camera operator with a professional-grade video camera is utilized. For a two-person team, one takes charge of the camera and the other handles the audio. For a multi-camera setup, several camera operators and a small crew with support personnel are needed.

Video taping on location for CNN
Video taping on location for CNN

Create stunning visual displays. We’ll create high movie quality with a reasonable marketing budget.

Our team is also up to date on the most recent improvements in drone technology and ensures premium results. We have camera professionals who have won awards and are capable of capturing the desired aerial images that our customers need.

Drone aerial images add a unique perspective to your multimedia and marketing video productions.
Drone aerial images add a unique perspective to your multimedia and marketing video productions.

The purpose of promotional videos is to effectively persuade or market to viewers. To accomplish this, lighting, audio and camera work should be top-notch and transparent so the audience is not distracted by production quality. It’s essential that the viewer comprehends the message being conveyed. Thus, a well thought-out script or outline, possibly even a teleprompter, is key in creating a successful video newsletter, blog or Youtube video.

Let’s connect and discuss your project and the people it is intended for. Provide us with further details.

Norm Labus, St Louis Video Producer


St Louis Video Producer

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